Volo Hanging Led Lamps

Volo hanging lamp: unmistakable bright soft curves are the mark of VOLO models. The warm light and the powerful LED source make Volo a modern and evocative Led lamp. VOLO diffuser is a white striped graphic pattern on matt acrylic that enhances the original visual effect of Micron VOLO led pendant fixture Maximum flexibility in the regulation of cable lengths makes Volo a ceiling lamp or a suspension lamp, according to your needs.


Volo A LED M6622

LED pendant lamp Volo A led with 2 lights of 24W

Volo A LED M6623 - M6624

Volo A led pendant lamp with 3 lights of 24W

Volo A M6621

Pendant lamp with 1 LED light

Volo M2624

Volo wall lamp, led indirect illumination: stunning design

Volo S LED M5622

Volo S, 2 lights LED ceiling luminaire

Volo S M5621

Volo S, 1 light LED suspended lamp

Volo S M5623 - M5624

Volo S triple wave, 3 lights LED suspended luminaire

Volo X M6815 - M6817

VOLO X. Design LED suspension lamp