Ceiling lamps

Micron Ceiling lamps are designed to meet all the different needs. Micron ceiling lamps range from clear blown glass to painted aluminum. Charlie and Loop present special color schemes. Micron lighting fixtures are fitted for energy-saving bulbs or LED sources tech out of this generation.

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Brick T wall - ceiling lamp

Brick T Brick T wall - ceiling lamp

Calipso M5215

Calipso ceiling lamp 15 light bulbs

Calipso M5224

Calipso ceiling lamp 24 lights

Ceiling / wall lamp Loop 40cm

Ceiling lamp with blown glass diffuser

Ceiling / wall lamp Loop Ø50cm

Wall lamp with blown grass diffuser

Ceiling lamp LED M4633 - M4634

Ceiling led lamp with three waves

Ceiling lamp NewMox LED M2038

Ceiling/wall lamp with LED lights

Ceiling lamp NewMox LED M5042

Ceiling lamp with adjustable lights

Ceiling lamp NewMox LED M5553

Ceiling lamp with 2 LED lights

Ceiling lamp NewMox M4044

Ceiling lamp with squared plate and trefoil shape

Ceiling lamp Smart 63x26cm

Rectangular ceiling lamp with 2 lights and white glass

Ceiling lamp Smart Ø45cm

Round ceiling diameter with 45 cm diameter

Ceiling lapmp Volo LED M5623 - M5624

LED ceiling luminaire with triple wave

Charlie wall / ceiling lamp Ø45cm

Ceiling lamp with diameter of 45cm

Mama M5125

Mama ceiling lamp 24cm

Mama M5145

Mama ceiling lamp 45cm

Mama M5160

Mama ceiling lamp 60cm

Mama M5170

Mama ceiling lamp 70cm


Miami ceiling lamp 30 lights


Milady ceiling lamp 50cm - M5771

Milady ceiling lamp 50cm 36 crystals

Milady ceiling lamp 60x60 M5781

Milady ceiling lamp 60x60cm 48 crystals

Milady ceiling lamp 60x60cm M5780

Milady ceiling lamp 60x60cm with 144 crystals

New Duetto Rectangular Ceiling Lamp

New Duetto Rectangular Ceiling Lamp

NewMox M5002

Recessed LED spotlight


Still recessed downlight / ceilinglamp

Volo S M5621

Volo S, 1 light LED suspended lamp