Wall Lamps

Micron wall lamps propose shapes colors and designs for every need. NewMox a unique design that recalls a three-lobed leaf and can be rotated 360 °, Attik is rotatable to 160 °, Mojito to 30 °.   Micron wall sconces are available either energy saving or high performance LEDS.

Volo M2624

The latest MICRON led design of ceiling, wall and hanging fixtures further enhance the VOLO collection concept of providing an innovative modular lighting tool with high LED performance, stunning design while on and off duty,

and infinite combination of lights. Indirect ↑ illumination.

VOLO LED performs 2200 Lumen per wave IP40.

Available with 3000°K , in white, nickel and black finishing.

Upon request: dimmable with 4000° K and gold finishing.

Dimensioni Lampadina Finitura montatura