Wall Lamps

Micron wall lamps propose shapes colors and designs for every need. NewMox a unique design that recalls a three-lobed leaf and can be rotated 360 °, Attik is rotatable to 160 °, Mojito to 30 °.   Micron wall sconces are available either energy saving or high performance LEDS.


Millerighe wall lamp

MILLERIGHE ADJUSTABLE LED wall light design by MICRON. MILLERIGHE 3 led lights featuring slim squared led sticks that can be turned to create new figures, suggestions o even a new language as on Millerighe -ASHTAG TO CELEBRATE THE NEW COMUNICATION TOOLS.  Just like in a modern inspired ikebana composition the thin lighted sticks of MILLERIGHE can be adjusted to create a unique light . MILLERIGHE WALL LIGHT stems (8mm) may be moved as desired simply rotating around their stem. MILLERIGHE lighted sticks house high performing integrated source  of 35W LED (INCLUDED).  MILLERIGHE width is 60,5 cm , depth 11,5. This model is rated IP40. This fixture can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.                                                        

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