Wall Lamps

Micron wall lamps propose shapes colors and designs for every need. NewMox a unique design that recalls a three-lobed leaf and can be rotated 360 °, Attik is rotatable to 160 °, Mojito to 30 °.   Micron wall sconces are available either energy saving or high performance LEDS.

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Lampade da Parete

Charlie wall lamp

Wall lamp in white blown glass

Charlie wall / ceiling lamp Ø32cm

LED wall lamp with finish in chrome or shiny gold

Ceiling / wall lamp Loop Ø50cm

Wall lamp with blown grass diffuser

Smart 30x30cm

Wall lamp with printed and satined glass

Smart 55x55cm

Wall lamp in polished chrome or matte white

Mojto M2750 - M2751 - M2752

Wall lamp adjustable at 30 °

Smart Ø35cm

Round wall lamp with white glass

Smart Ø45cm

Wall lamp in polished chrome or matte white

Capri LED M2000

LED wall lamp with blown glass or sanded band

Mojto LED M2847 - M2848 - M2849

Wall LED lamp with diffuser in satin methacrylate

Mojto LED M2853 - M2854 - M2855

Wall lamp in matt white, chrome, satin nickel

NewMox M2038

Inclinable wall lamp

Mojto LED M2856 - M2857 - M2858

Wall lamp with LED lights in matt white, chrome, satin nickel

Queen M2204

Queen wall lamp 3 arks

Brick T wall - ceiling lamp

Brick T Brick T wall - ceiling lamp

Attik M2904 - M2905

LED wall lamp in aluminium or satined glass

Volo M2626

Volo wall lamp is a stunning direct wave of light.

Volo M2624

Volo wall lamp, led indirect illumination: stunning design

Calipso M2227

Calipso wall - ceiling lamp

Queen M2203

Queen wall lamp 4 lights

Mojto wall lamp

Mojto wall lamp adjustable

Mojto M2753 - M2754

MOJTO swivelling wall lamp

Millerighe wall lamp

Millerighe LED wall lamp