Table Lamps Capri Design

The table lamps Capri stand out for the elegant design of conical blown glass diffuser. Structure in polished chrome finish. Capri timeless design blends with the modernity of the LED source of the latest generation.

led table lamp
led table lamp
led table lamp

Capri M3004

Glass LED Table Lamp

CAPRI table lamp design by MICRON stand out for the elegant cone shaped glass diffuser that highlights the reflects going out of the lamp heart. the LED light power is 6W  with 580 Lumen and originates by the acrylic lense nestled in the metal block. The Capri table light blends timeless design with LED modernity. Capri artistry blown glass diffuser has diameter of 16 cm and lamp height is 41 cm. this model comes with all clear blown glass diffuser or with a sanded band. Structure in polished chrome. LED source included.

Dimensioni Lampadina Finitura diffusore Finitura montatura