Ceiling lamps

Micron Ceiling lamps are designed to meet all the different needs. Micron ceiling lamps range from clear blown glass to painted aluminum. Charlie and Loop present special color schemes. Micron lighting fixtures are fitted for energy-saving bulbs or LED sources tech out of this generation.


Miami ceiling lamp 30 lights

Miami M6330 silhouette featuring a series of 30 thin and perfectly bended metal rods and resembling a fanned out beautiful feather  .
MIAMI luminaire item M6330 exudes elegance making this model suitable in any setting.
Once lit, the mirror finished metal poles of MIAMI luminaire M6330 produce a unique, dynamic effect as the waved arms vibrantly float on the air capturing and refracting the sparkling lights of 30 G4 bulbs.

Chrome metal structure
30 x 10W 12V G4 BULBS . 30 HALOGEN LIGHT BULBS are included.
LED lamping is MORE energy-efficient WITH led BULBS
Item size: Width 90 cm x 60 cm
Height from ceiling : 70cm

Dimensioni Lampadina