Ceiling lamps

Micron Ceiling lamps are designed to meet all the different needs. Micron ceiling lamps range from clear blown glass to painted aluminum. Charlie and Loop present special color schemes. Micron lighting fixtures are fitted for energy-saving bulbs or LED sources tech out of this generation.

MAMA M5160-dume smoked

Mama M5160

Mama ceiling lamp diameter 60cm

MAMA CEILING lamp by MICRON is inspired by the magnificence of nature. MAMA CEILING LIGHT resembles the amazing beauty of a tropical orchid combined with the most refined aspects of hand-made petals that capture and reflect the light to a stunning lighting effect. MAMA CEILING lamp with 10 lights and diameter 60 cm , features as a crystal flower hand-crafted petals which reflect the 10 x G9 lights perfectly set in circle. MAMA 10x28W G9 HALOGEN BULB ARE INCLUDED WITH THE FITTING. MAMA CEILING LAMP height is 30 cm with 60 cm width . MAMA CEILING luminare inner corolla is made of precious glass petals and it is enclosed in a second wider corolla of thin veined methacrylate leaves which create interesting light effects on the walls and in the setting. The polished steel structure enhances the style of MAMA luminaire that adds a touch of class to any type of homelight providing a unique elegant aesthetic touch. MAMA ... IT IS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

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